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Proposition de contrat doctoral 2023-2026

Title : Elaboration of nanostructured surfaces by deposition of polymeric Janus Nanorods

Supervisor : Christophe Sinturel (50%), PhD supervisor ; Marylène Vayer (50%), PhD co-supervisor

Summary of the project :
Janus nanorods (JNRs) are asymmetrical polymeric nanoparticles consisting of two faces with different chemical natures. Their application potential is huge given their very asymmetrical architecture, but it remains very little explored. Thus, the overall objective of the ANR research project JASUR, which this PhD is part of, is to use the ambivalent properties of JNRs in order to prepare surfaces organized at the nanometric scale with potential applications in nanolithography.

This PhD will specifically focus on the deposition process of the JNRs in order to produce large scale, sub-10 nm nanopatterned surfaces with a low density of defects and sharp interfaces. The starting materials will be pre-assembled JNR in solution, already prepared by the academic partners of the project (IPCM for macromolecular synthesis and IMMM for the supramolecular self-assembly in solution)1. The objectives of this PhD are threefold :

  • Formation of monolayers bearing highly oriented JNRs using dip-coating and Langmuir-Blodgett deposition : the thickness and the morphology of the self-assembled JNRs deposit will be characterized using ellipsometry, AFM and GISAXS (available @ ICMN) in order to assess the formation of a monolayer and follow the orientation of the pattern as a function of the deposition parameters.
  • Understanding the fundamental of the JNRs deposition : an accurate analysis of the relationship between the periodicity of the pattern, the structural properties of the JNRs and the dimension of the individual JNRs obtained in solution will be performed
  • Elaboration of polymeric patterns for lithographic applications : the different chemistries of the two arms of the JNRs will be further exploited to transform the resulting self- assembled patterns into a mask after selective removal or selective loading of one arm.

Dates and salary
Acquired financial support : French National Research Agency ANR-PRC 2022-2026
Salary : 1400-1600 euros / month
Ideal starting date : October 2023

Expected profile
Polymer physical-chemist having knowledge and/or interest in the deposition and
characterization of polymer thin films

Key words
Polymer thin film, nanostructured surfaces, polymer self-assembly, nanolithography

Polymer-related research skills acquired during the project
Thin film formation by dip coating and Langmuir-Blodgett deposition
Surface characterization such as : AFM, GISAXS, ellipsometry

General research skills acquired during the project
Bibliographic survey, analysis and interpretation of results, autonomy, critical thinking,
teamwork, oral and written presentation of results, writing of articles.

ICMN (Interfaces, Confinement, Matériaux et Nanostructures)
UMR 7374 - CNRS /Université d’Orléans

Information and application (CV + application letter)

1. Han, S. ; Pensec, S. ; Yilmaz, D. ; Lorthioir, C. ; Jestin, J. ; Guigner, J.-M. ; Niepceron, F. ;
Rieger, J. ; Stoffelbach, F. ; Nicol, E. ; Colombani, O. ; Bouteiller, L., Straightforward preparation of supramolecular Janus nanorods by hydrogen bonding of end-functionalized polymers. Nat.Commun. 2020, 11, 4760.

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