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Jeudi 24 novembre 2022

Direct Microstructural Characterization of Organic Nanomaterials

Souren Grigorian, Head of SMPG, University of Siegen Walter-Flex-Str 3, Siegen, Germany

The importance of organic, eco-friendly and smart electronics has been increased in recent years. This interest was initiated by the future development of newly synthesized and more effective materials, among them taking particular attention to the structural optimizations of thin films and monolayers assemblies. Nowadays the real working prototypes of various devices based on organic materials are already existing and/or under commissioning. In the talk novel approaches for the microstructural characterization of organic materials, among them real time characterization of organic working devices will be highlighted. Such devices exhibit a unique combination of effective electronic conjugation, chemical stability and synthetic flexibility making
them attractive for various applications. It will be also addressed the advantages of microstructural investigations using novel synchrotron radiation sources with exceptional opportunities to observe the structural features down to nanoscale.