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7-9 décembre 2022 - International Workshop on Non-Equilibrium and Environment Effects on Nanoalloys

Expected in Dec 2021, Postoned in Dec 2022

New first Announcement :

In the frame of the IRN Nanoalloys, an International Workshop on Non-Equilibrium and Environment Effects on Nanoalloys, will take place in December 07 to 09, 2022 in Paris

The thematic workshop « Non-equilibrium and environment effects on nanalloys » aims to discuss the effects of the environment on phase diagrams, nucleation, growth, kinetic effects and finally the reactivity of these nano-systems.
This conference will bring together experimentalists and theoretical physicists, chemists, and materials scientists to enhance the collaborative efforts of the experimental and modeling groups.

Each session will included invited and contributed talks as well as a common posters session to stimulate international research actions both between IRN and external researchers interested by the thematic. If you are interested in submitting a contribution (oral or poster),
The call for abstracts submission will be open in September 2022 to update the 2021 submission (oral invited and contributors and posters)

Registration in October, 2022

Fabienne Berthier, Christophe Petit and Christian Ricolleau
Pascal Andreazza and Riccardo Ferrando

Voir en ligne : IRN Nanoalloys Website